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Are you looking for web hosting, virtual server(VPS), e-mail addresses, domain or anything between them? We preinstall or support you with Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla installations, as we want our customers to have a less painful experience. Please give as a comment about this, when ordering Web Hosting services

If your answer was yes, we want to congratulate as you just found the right place. We are happy to offer you requested services economically, easily but presicely. There are no wrong questions or needs in our company, so encourage yourself and tell us about your vision. We want, and we will to fulfill it for sure

Most likely we will deliver your offer within same day, but next day is guarentee. Unfortunately, Tailored offers we cannot deliver within same day as it needs more questions and preparation. We also handle orders on weekends, so stop hesitating and welcome yourself to stableservers coaster.

Servers are located in France, so we can guarantee fast connections all over Europe

We have following certificates to proof our skills: CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, Cisco CCENT, Cisco CCNA

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Come talk with us: #stableservers @ Quakenet ( Quakenet Webchat )


We offer stable and secure services for private and enterprise users. Stableservers is the easy way to maintenance your servers and services. It's easy because you don't have to do anything on your own, as we will do it for you. You don't really need to know anything about linux or windows servers, because we know.


Stableservers offers stable and secure service for private and enterprise users. We will provide you easy, secure and stable platform for developing websites, e-mail addresses and domains.


From us you will find all domains for economical price. If you cannot find desirable domain in our webshop, please contact or comment your webhotel order with domain you are looking for.


Are you looking for virtual server? VPS is the most secure way to bring websites or webshops to your customers. You are able to choose from 4 different choices which will most likely meet your needs. If not, please contact us and we tailor specific server just for you

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