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services Maintenance

We offer stable, easy and secure service for private or enterprise users. Stableservers will provide you an easy way to keep your servers up and running.

Stableservers maintenance operating systems, disk systems, application platforms, databases and network components for you. Ask more.

Maintenance Products

Remedial maintenance: Fixing service for detected problems on your server
Flexible maintenance: Maintenance service for changing server enviroment Full maintenance: All you can ask - Full Support!

Full Support / VIP

We offer Full support to our Web hosting customers, excluding Web hosting Mini. Full Support means, that you will get an answer to your questions within 24 hours on week days. VIP support includes also weekends & phone support.

Maintenance service is only for servers which are ordered from Stableservers

50 110 250 590
Support LevelFull SupportFull SupportFull SupportVIP
Service Requests10pcs /Mo30pcs /Mo80pcs /Mo200pcs /Mo
Maintenance ProductRemedialRemedialFlexibleFull
Servers (max)23510
Service Request System
Monitoring 24/7
Datacenter Professionals 24/7
Hardware Support GTI 4h 24/7
Preinstalled OS
Application Updates
E-mail Support
Application Installation
Application Configuration
System Configuration
System Optimizing
Phone Support